We love creating cool websites. Out of a string of code comes this amazing virtual real estate. It’s a magical process. For us, technology is exciting – it rocks. We see technology as an ally, something that can be used to make your life easier. It’s amazing what it’s capable of.

What we offer
We make sense of the web. Many people struggle with technology. It’s always letting them down, and there’s something a little scary about it – because they don’t understand it. We listen to your ideas and brainstorm potential solutions that put you and your needs at the centre of the process. We translate what you want into a portal that portrays your true brand essence.

Then we build a site for you that reflects your level of comfort with technology. If you are tech savvy and you want complete control of your site – we’ll give you the tools to do this. But if you just want to tell us your ideas, we can handle all the geeky stuff for you.

This is how we work and it’s what we call comfort-ability.

How we work
To deliver a website that matches your needs, expectations and budget, we have created a cost-effective international team. Strategy, design and project management is handled in Australia, software development in India, with client liaison and Quality Assurance based in Manila. We have developed a very close working team that values consistency and reliability, and works efficiently to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our Australian design team develops a look and feel for your site that authentically reflects your brand essence. We ensure your website will work equally well on tablets, phones and computers – and that it is search engine friendly. Our Indian development office creates the code that translates this design into a website – then our team in Manilla ensures that this matches with your needs and expectations.

Why work with us?
If you’re looking to refresh your existing site, or want to launch a new website – and you want a digital agency that makes sense of the web, come and talk to Online Consulting. We’ll work with you at whatever level of comfortability you choose to create a cool website that works for you.