G Suite Support

  • Work with us, we’re a Google Partner
    G Suite is an innovative way of parcelling all of your cloud based services so your business, organisation or network can easily work together online.
    No longer do you need to rely solely on cumbersome email chains to keep in touch with all of your staff or stakeholders. With G Suite, you can track and change documents in real time with Google Docs, chat in Hangouts, video conference with Google Meet and share content and information on Google+ and Blogger. With G Suite all of your contacts and calendars can be synchronised across your network so nobody can say they weren’t informed about the presentation that took place using Google Slides.
  • The advantages of working with a Google Partner
    G Suite setup can happen once we set up your G Suite account. Then you can go ahead and use the entire G Suite package in the knowledge that you have the backing and support of a registered Google and G Suite partner. Online Consulting has undergone the training necessary to fully understand the entire complement of G Suite products to become a G Suite expert.
    Without the help of a G Suite specialist, G Suite migration can be difficult especially if you have a large number of users. We handle the migration process for you and when you sign up with Online Consulting you receive comprehensive G Suite support. Of course Google have great online support but not everybody in your team can comprehend technology to the same extent or with the same level of understanding.
    We offer G Suite help so your team can begin working cohesively using all the benefits of G Suite.
  • From email to Gmail
    You should know that there are some genuine advantages to using Gmail over server based email programs. For starters, you can access your messages from anyway and because they are hosted in the cloud they’re backed up and protected from permanent loss. All you need to be able to do is access the internet.
    You get 25Gb of data with your Gmail account. Again this is far better than any sort of corporate server or hard drive.
    As for set up, we handle all of the G Suite email migration on your behalf.