Ben Dobson

IT Support Manager

‘Gotcha Dodger’

Ben Dobson

Ben loves getting into the thick of things when he’s working. And this means dealing with ‘Gotchas’ – curly IT problems that stop others in their tracks. But not Ben – he’s an experienced Gotcha Dodger. He knows how to avoid the pitfalls and navigate around the problems that most of his clients face. Whether it be email systems going down, or files disappearing off the client’s server, Ben’s on to it. Most of the time these problems can be fixed remotely with the client describing the problem on the phone or via email, but now and then Ben gets to visit the client’s site to fix the server online.


But of course it’s not all about fixing problems – Ben loves to build too – installing new desktop services and networking equipment – and building replacement servers. And of course he dodges the gotchas as he goes – ensuring teething problems don’t get in the way of the installation process.


What gets Ben out of bed and to work on a Monday morning? Answer: Knowing there will always be a variety of new challenges, and a chance to learn new ways of solving them. At the end of the day Ben just loves fixing problems, so he tends to find meetings ‘Fluffy’ – and would rather just roll up his sleeves and get on with the job.


In his spare time Ben loves to surf and to play Internet games. He used to be into Motor Cross but that’s now on hold as his wife is expecting their first child.


Ben’s motto?
“Let’s get this done!”