Jackie Tuazon

Digital Marketing Manager


Jackie Tuazon

Carpe Diem sums up Jackie perfectly – she’s always ready to take on a new challenge and it doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is. “Bring it on” could also be her motto but she chose seize the day, perfect in her role as Digital Marketing Specialist. Jackie oversees client’s Adwords campaigns and SEO from program management to execution. She has quickly become an invaluable member of the team and brings with her experience working in sales and marketing where she developed her skills in time-management and adaptability. This means she is well organised and a great problem solver and communicator.


Jackie takes her inspiration from the wise words of her mum who worked hard, was kind hearted and encouraged Jackie to do what she loves, and from her nephew, Elrond, who fills her days with warm hugs and butterfly kisses.


When Jackie’s not working, she loves to travel. That’s why she wouldn’t mind being able to teleport, just like Blink in the Marvel Universe. That way she could visit new places around the world and take her friends with her. You see, Jackie would much rather have her family and friends along to share in the wonders she sees on her travels. She’s the kind of friend who wants to share the fun times but is always there to lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear over a cup of coffee.

Jackie’s motto –
Believe you can and you’re halfway there.