Matt Van Schie

Copywriter & IT Dude

‘The Albatross’

Matt Van Schie

If Matt had a superpower, he’d choose the power to fly – to be an albatross, soaring above the world. Failing that, he’d be Mr Fantastic – the stretchy guy from The Fantastic Four. He’s been practicing yoga for the past 15 years, so he’s very flexible already and is certainly qualified for the role!


Matt loves working with OC – because ‘they’re such a passionate bunch of people.’ His responsibilities include copywriting, proof reading, social media management, and IT support. He’s also there to give all round moral support to the team.


Matt lives in Sydney and loves travelling, nature and being adventurous. He writes, listens and meditates to music.
Quotable quotes: “I love movies accompanied by large amounts of popcorn.”

Matt’s motto?
“The journey is the destination.”