Richard Hensley

Copywriter and Content Strategist

‘The brief’

Richard Hensley

Richard chooses his words carefully and says what needs to be said in as few words as possible. It’s the same when he writes. Richard understands that the audience want their information in snackable portions and clear and concise language.


If Richard had the option of being an animal then he’d be a Meerkat. Meerkats like hot climates, they’re methodical and they perform their role for the communal benefit of the Meerkat community. Meerkats also have ​a ​natural immunity ​to ​the ​venom ​of ​scorpions ​that ​scour ​the Kalahari ​Desert which Richard thinks is a good thing if you happen to find yourself in the Kalahari Desert.


Richard’s role is to advance your organisation’s identity; to promote its core competencies, values, products and services and to focus your audience through imaginative and compelling content. Richard likes to work closely and collaboratively with clients to craft a content and social media strategy as the foundation for value creation.


Richard’s motto?
Me, we.
(It’s one of the world’s shortest poems authored by Muhammad Ali)