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5 Futuristic Technology Trends In eCommerce Industry

06 Sep 2017 Online Consulting

Online business is moving forward with a decent pace incorporating unmatched innovations and amazing discoveries. It has turned out to be quite important for online entrepreneurs to assess these progressions to remain ahead and strong in this competitive market.

Check out these major trends expected to get unleashed in the eCommerce industry sooner.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Online business entrepreneurs will soon be grasping the most recent innovative development in the virtual world known as Artificial Intelligence. eCommerce platform owners are developing fully targeted campaigns to market their products by using the behavioural data of customers who visit their websites. In this way, by analyzing customers’ feelings, the online entrepreneurs are doing activities after considering the various client fragments and past shopping encounters to expand their own sales.

  • Beacon Technology

To provide product info and offers, different physical storefronts and restaurants have widely implemented Beacon as it emerged as an innovative technology. Now, it’s becoming quite popular in online business as well. Beacon technology is now being used by many companies to send highly customised offers to registered consumers on their mobile devices, after getting help from the client’s location info acquired by the website.

  • Human Voice Integrations

To provide visitors the feeling of purchasing products & services from a real physical store, chatbots along with voice assistant is paving its way in the eCommerce shops apps. A completely new approach for users to connect with shop and sellers, this AI (Artificial Intelligence) led concept of chat assistance will be seen as a top priority for bigger eCommerce platforms to assist consumers for a better engagement with sellers.

  • Social Media Shopping

There’s no doubt left in the fact that social media websites have certainly become an inseparable part of our lives. For effective promotion and marketing, entrepreneurs and eCommerce website owners see them as a suitable platform. However, apart from assisting in the promotion and marketing of the offers, social networking pages have now started to give a ‘direct purchase’ option to customers. Sales on social platforms are rising high as these sites are developing advanced integrations to send the users directly to the product pages or the eCommerce website from the social posts. You can also ask a web designer to do this type of coding for your eCommerce website.

  • Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality technology is one of the most expected and awaited development of the eCommerce businesses that we will be witnessing soon in the coming days. It is time for Augmented Reality to capture customers in eCommerce, just like it has already done in the field of gaming. With help of it, sellers can actually provide in-store experience of shopping in their apps or websites. This can be done by projecting their pictures on the virtual screens of devices, and allow them to see the products they are purchasing.