Google Workspace

  • Looking to boost business productivity and make collaboration easier? Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) is a great way to do it.
    We’re a Google Partner based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Speak to us to find out how cloud computing tools like Gmail, Drive, Doc, Calendar and Meet can help your business.
    The benefits of Google Workspace include:
    • Multiple users can track and edit documents in real time
    • Access your documents, emails and network on-the-go and from multiple devices
    • Synchronise contacts and calendars to keep everyone informed
    • Chat, host video conference calls and share presentations
    • All data and documents safely and securely stored in the cloud
  • Advantages of working with a Google Partner
    We’ve taken the necessary training to become a Google Workspace/G Suite service provider. This means you’ll benefit from our understanding of the platform and discover how it can help your business.
    Without the help of a G Suite specialist, G Suite migration can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses. And it’s especially true for businesses with a large number of users.
    Google has great online support, but your employees will have different levels of understanding. Our experts provide an extra level of personalised Google Workspace support to make sure your team knows how to use the platform’s various tools and make the most of them.
    We’ve been providing G Suite support to business in Sydney and beyond for a number of years and the work continues with Google Workspace. So, if you’d rather focus on running your business than worrying about the technical stuff, you’ll be in safe hands with our knowledgeable, reliable team.
  • Why switch to Google Cloud Workspace
    We’ve highlighted some of the benefits of using the cloud above. But one of the biggest advantages of using Gmail over server based email programs is that you can easily access messages from anywhere (and we’ll even handle the Google Workspace email migration for you).
    The same is true of documents. This means multiple users are able to edit a document at once and have confidence they’re looking at the latest version. Make multiple drafts shared back and forth over email a thing of the past. Instead, simply share a single link to everyone who needs access and update it as the project progresses.
    You’ll have peace of mind too, as all emails or documents hosted in the cloud are backed up and protected from permanent loss. All you need to be able to do to benefit from this is access the internet.
    Another plus point is the storage available is typically better than any sort of corporate server or hard drive. There are a variety of storage options available, with the amount per user depending on your account type. Speak to us to get a better understanding of what’s best for you.
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