We Want To Be Your Digital Partners

We build innovative, creative, highly functional and visually appealing websites. One of the key functions of a great website is to convert website visitors into genuine customers. That’s what we do best. A website is the foundation of your online presence and one of the most valuable assets your business has; it’s certainly the most valuable digital asset.

Our conversion rates are exceptional because user experience is of a consistently high standard. We produce compelling content inclusive of the right keywords and consistently refreshed for audience engagement.
Once you become acquainted with us you’ll see there’s a whole suite of services on offer, but our core business is websites.

What Can A Great Digital Partner Offer

We offer you an opportunity to create your own brand in your own digital space that you can build and develop along with your business. We offer unique design and functionality because we believe every business is unique and as such, it deserves the opportunity to be brilliant.

As we work together you’ll find we’re experts in web hosting, web design and web development … then there’s branding, written and visual content, digital marketing, social media, search engine marketing, IT maintenance and support, video and photography and the list goes on …

Meet The Team

We understand that a website should not only look great, it needs to get results. The Online Consulting team is the ideal mix of creativity, strategy, technical know-how, and reliability. We work together closely to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Each client has a designated Project Manager to liaise between you and the team. Lots of things need to come together when we build a website and we have fantastic Project Managers who know the process inside out.
We meet with you regularly to make sure the process is in line with your original concept. If you’ve had a rethink and you need to make some changes, that’s not uncommon with websites and web development so we adapt accordingly. If we need to tweak we tweak, if not it’s full steam ahead to testing and then we go live.

There’s Always A New Frontier

We want to differentiate your brand from the competition with innovation, creativity, attractive content and really clever digital marketing. But that’s just the beginning. Technology is changing and evolving, we can never rest on our laurels and say the job is done. Once your site is live we need to be thinking about fresh content and growing your site because your business is growing and you need to reflect that growth online. If you’re standing still then you’re falling behind, that’s the world we work in which is why we’re never standing still.

We started out on the Northern Beaches. Sydney’s Surry Hills was our next home and we’re always gearing up for the next frontier. That’s us, what about you? Does your current online presence reflect your aspirations?


What we offer

We make sense of the web. Many people struggle with technology. It’s always letting them down, and there’s something a little scary about it – because they don’t understand it. We listen to your ideas and brainstorm potential solutions that put you and your needs at the centre of the process. We translate what you want into a portal that portrays your true brand essence.

Then we build a site for you that reflects your level of comfort with technology. If you are tech savvy and you want complete control of your site – we’ll give you the tools to do this. But if you just want to tell us your ideas, we can handle all the geeky stuff for you.

This is how we work and it’s what we call comfort-ability.

How we work

To deliver a website that matches your needs, expectations and budget, we have created a cost-effective international team. Design and project management are handled in Australia, software development in India, with client liaison and Quality Assurance based in Manila. We have developed a very close working team that values consistency and reliability and works efficiently to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our Australian design team develops a look and feel for your site that authentically reflects your brand essence. We ensure your website will work equally well on tablets, phones and computers – and that it is search engine friendly. Our Indian development office creates the code that translates this design into a website – then our team in Manilla ensures that this matches with your needs and expectations.

Why work with us?

If you are looking for a site refresh, or are planning to launch a new website – and you want a digital agency that makes sense of the web, come and talk to Online Consulting. We’ll work with you at whatever level of comfortability you choose, to create a cool website that works for you.

Our team can create your website with the right content to get your site noticed, help attract visitors to your new site, create an integrated social media presence, make sure you have the right IT systems in place and help you keep all of this up to date with regular reports and support.

Sam has created a business and a team that’s creative, works fast, delivers on time and connects with people. There’s an energy and focus that pervade everything that comes out of Online Consulting, creating great work with a drive to get the job done and get it done right.

What our Clients Say

See Our Work in Action

  • All is great here, we have been unbelievably busy, very overwhelming actually but in a good way. We always hoped things would kick off but couldn’t imagine it taking off so big so quickly. Thanks again for everything.



    client image
  • Sam has been looking after our IT for 5 years – he is always prompt and makes sure that we can understand everything!

    Carolyn Capelin

    client image
  • Sam from Online Consulting has been looking after our Website and IT for 7 years. He is always professional and has great suggestions to keep our business up to date and save money.

    Yalla Foods

    Yalla Foods Pty Ltd

    client image
  • We are thrilled with our new website – our 4th chair is now full almost all the time – the other day we had a call from a salon in Melbourne asking us to look after one of our clients whilst they were in Sydney – when we asked them how they found us they said – we Googled the area – but we liked your website the best !

    Elle J Hair Salon

    Elle J Hair.

    client image

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We really think we could make a huge difference to your business, find out how by contacting one of our team players.

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