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5 Web Design Blunders To Avoid In eCommerce Website

30 Aug 2017 Online Consulting

Do you own an eCommerce platform and worried about its depleting sales?

Check out these 5 web design blunders that you must avoid to ensure that sales figure of your eCommerce platform don’t deplete.

  • Web Design Blunder #1 – Mistakes In Product Descriptions

At the point when individuals are purchasing online from your eCommerce website, giving them error-free description of the product is important. You have to understand that visitors can’t see the items physically, and they have to depend on the item description provided by the site owner. However, there are a few cases when online store owners are committing errors of disregarding the need of proper product description.

  • Web Design Blunder #2 – Absence Of Right Value Proposition

Many experts in this industry have said that if site owners fail to offer a proper value proposition of your products, more clients would start to abandon your products. You can’t possibly stand out of the crowd, if you can’t distinguish that why customers should choose you, or why you are different.

  • Web Design Blunder #3 – Absence Of Proper Visual Hierarchy

It becomes easier for the viewers and potential customers to navigate, if you place a visual hierarchy in properly on your eCommerce platform. This happens because the actions become easily recognisable. Clickable links can be distinguished from the un-clickable base text, if a proper visual hierarchy is followed in the web design of the website. You need to follow a set of rules, if you’re willing to make this visual hierarchy more effective. It’s all about not having all the information on a website in a messy way, you need to sort out the most important elements and highlight them so that visitors can easily spot them.

  • Web Design Blunder #4 – Not Having High Quality Images On the Site

It is imperative to use high quality pictures of the products on the eCommerce website. Keep in mind that based on the product images you provide, people are going to buy the products. They can’t see the items, or check the materials physically. So, product images are crucial because customers will trust the product pictures and the product description. Therefore, while uploading product images, you:

  • Do not over edit the images
  • Use high-quality images
  • Use proper lighting
  • Use multiple images from different angles
  • Web Design Blunder #5 – eCommerce Website that Doesn’t’ Look Trustworthy

We can’t deny the fact that eCommerce business market has become quite competing. Therefore, you definitely have to make some extra efforts when it comes to web design so that your eCommerce platform looks trustworthy. You must follow this if you want to stand out from the crowd and want people to purchase from your website. Remember, there are plenty of big brand names already in the Northern Beaches market, so better play your best game.