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Best Ways to Protect Your Business Website From Cyber Attacks

25 Apr 2019 onlineconsulting

Without doubt, cybercrimes are one of the most debilitating interruptions and violations that a business can possibly face. If you are the victim of identity and information theft then it not only affects your data and intellectual property but that of your customers and potentially other stakeholders.

By definition, a cyber attack is a deliberate attack to exploit and compromise any technology dependent enterprise, computer system or network. That means that all of us are vulnerable. These days, it’s hard to imagine a business or organisation that isn’t technology dependent.

Attacks can be launched by a sole hacker using just one computer or they might be highly organised with a team of hackers using multiple computers. Solo or team, what they have in common is their method. They use malicious code to modify computer code, logic or data to compromise your network.


What are hackers looking for?

Hackers want your data. They are opportunistic, ruthless and clever. They aren’t the least bit concerned that they might be causing you and your business immense harm. Their victims are usually enterprises who have limited or inferior website protection and online business security.

That’s why website security is so important. You need to be constantly thinking about making your website more secure to protect your online activities and your sensitive data.


Activate your firewall

Make sure you implement a firewall that will monitor all of your incoming and outgoing traffic. If your antivirus doesn’t include a firewall then at least make sure that your firewall is activated.


Use passphrases not just passwords

Hackers crack passwords. Using passphrases that contain userID/password combinations for different accounts are much harder to get past. And be diligent about changing them regularly. Hackers exploit complacency very effectively. It’s inconvenient to have o change passphrases but nowhere near as inconvenient as being the victim of a cyberattack.


Encrypt your data

Data encryption is one of the most important cyber security tips for businesses.

Data encryption translates data into another form, or code, so that only people with access to a decryption key or password can read it. It’s essential for sensitive financial files and tax returns.


Don’t store credit card details on the internet

Some websites like you to do that so it makes future transactions much easier but it’s a very dangerous practice. Google likes to store them for you as well. You should go into your settings and remove any stored credit card details.


Be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour

Hackers might steal your identity and use it to defraud others. You may not even know it’s happening. Sometimes you are tricked into downloading something malicious that may have come from a familiar computer in your network that has already in the control of a hacker. Be careful of opening suspicious files.


Keep your website security and antivirus software updated

This will protect you from viruses, malware and rootkits. By being updated you are being protected from any of the latest techniques that hackers might be using to get around tired or outdated antivirus or security software.

A website security tool consistently scans your network for potential harm and informs the team responsible for your network that there is a potential harm or something suspicious that’s lurking.

There are some great software programs available.


Social media

Individuals and organisations should be wary of what they post on social media and your security settings should be set to private. Hackers see social media and individual profiles as a way to manipulate online vulnerability.


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