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Here’s Why You Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

30 Mar 2021 onlineconsulting

Many of us rely on IT for many things, such as invoicing, data storage, cloud backups, company websites, documents, spreadsheets, and even personal hobbies. But what happens when this valuable resource becomes unavailable? Unforeseeable events such as a data hack/leak, broken hardware, and even accidentally deleting something can cause a halt in your productivity. If you want to minimise your downtime in the event of an IT disaster, here is why you need an IT disaster recovery plan for your business.

Minimises downtime

When a disaster breaks out, it is easy to panic and rush to get things back to how they were, but rushing unprepared can result in further tragedy. An IT disaster recovery plan prepares you for any disaster that could happen. For example, say you lose your laptop, which has access to company data and your own? Without any preventative action made beforehand, you can consider all that in the hands of someone else, especially if they’re tech-savvy. 

A recovery plan for this scenario would include cloud based backup services, which allow you to access your data from any device. This recovery plan also allows you to restore your data to a new computer in the same way the original was. We would also set up hard drive encryption (such as Windows Bitlocker), so no one can access the data stored on your machine, which keeps private information safe. Having the ability to restore all lost data to a new device in a matter of minutes with a computer backup plan minimises downtime from the disaster and allows you to continue working.

Protects your data

One of the biggest threats to your accounts and data falls on social engineering. Phishing scams are widely used to bait trusting victims into handing over their login details to anonymous figures who can do anything they want with access. This happens typically through fake/spoofed emails but can uncommonly happen through texts as well. Our recovery plan includes assistance with spotting these fake emails and learning how to distinguish them from real ones. In addition, we always recommend setting up Multi-factor authentication in the event a phishing scam is successful and will prevent the criminal from doing any harm. Multi-factor authentication always requires two forms of authentication (e.g. code sent to your phone), so even if someone has your password, you will be notified when a login attempt is made and take action from there. 

It gives you peace of mind

The most important thing that an IT disaster recovery plan provides is the peace of mind that you will be fine in the event of a disaster. You can never predict when disaster will strike, so a recovery plan allows you to bounce back with confidence. Online Consulting provides professional IT support in Sydney and works with you to maintain the continuity of your business, even in the event of a disaster. You never know when you’ll need support, so why not start now before it’s too late!