Bringing Facebook traffic to site

How to generate Traffic through Facebook Marketing

17 Mar 2015 Online Consulting

Facebook has become quite a vital part of the marketing effort of any business. An amazing fact is that almost half of the audience gives more importance to a brand’s Facebook page, even more than its main business website. Expectations of the majority of consumers are that a company should have a Facebook page for its products and services.

So what are the ways to get the most out from the Facebook page of your business? Here are some tips that can prove helpful.

  • Status updates: This you need to do on a daily basis. Try your level best to keep the page fresh, current and up to date.
  • Facebook Ads for More Traffic: Facebook Ads are an excellent way to drive in more traffic for your business website. Facebook visitors simply love to check out clickable images shown on their news feed page.  These are optimised and drive Facebook users directly to your business website with special offers, exclusive content or product sales.
  • Check your messages and notifications: Messages should be checked daily and should be properly answered for the queries, if any. Also keep a close eye on the notifications you get on the page. Quickly respond if anyone mentions your products and services. One of the best ways to make a good public impression is by acknowledging the people who talk about your website.
  • Share, like and comment on the posts: This is an excellent way to build a good rapport and to begin conversations with your possible clients. Your online business will surely improve when people start talking about your products and services.
  • Article posting: Ensure that you write an article or a blog related to your products and services and share it on your Facebook page. This will tell your targeted audience that you are an expert in the field.
  • Adding photos and videos: To engage more audience on your page, you can make videos or photos that can describe what your online business website is all about.

These are a few tips that can help your Facebook page to grow. But do you have a high quality website for your products and business? What if the links you provide on the Facebook page of your website, open up into a low quality website? If this is the case, then your audience will be easily turned off.

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