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Increase Sales with Optimised Google My Business Listing

09 Oct 2018 onlineconsulting

If you don’t already know, your Google My Business Listing is a free listing from Google that gives your audience and customers your business’ name, address, phone number and website to make you easier to find in local searches.

Why use Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business Listing is fundamental to your local SEO and online marketing strategy and how to boost sales for a small business looking for a local audience.  When your potential clients input keywords that align with your local listing your Google My Business Listing increases your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and other organic rankings.

And while it’s a great service for local businesses, many businesses are unaware of a number of additional features provided by google that are contingent on businesses maintaining the accuracy of their data.

Keep in mind that your Google My Business listing will most likely be the first thing that Google users see when they look for your business. It is really important to have control over what your potential customers see in your listing because anyone can suggest or edit a change to your company information, even a competitor.

If you search your listing you will notice a ‘suggest an edit’ option which is open to anybody whether they’re connected to your business or not. Ideally, Google are supposed to notify your business before the changes go live but that doesn’t always happen which is why you need to take responsibility for your own listing.

Use Posts for improve your My Business Listing

Posts on your Google My Business Listing are like small advertisements or similar to the posts you might see on a social media page. Posts will appear on your listing for seven (7) days and you can use up to 300 words for each post. All it takes is just a few clicks from your My Business Dashboard and your post will be seen by every potential customer who is looking for your business.

Keep in mind that someone already searching specifically for your products or services may be close to either visiting or buying from you; the right information included in your post can make a big difference. You can use your post to drive business to particular areas of your website and because your competitors appear below your listing, you can generate offers that will pitch you directly against your competitors.

Your posts might include an event or a preview of a new product or feature and you can add a photo, link or a call to action. Posts that include offers or new products increases the chances that potential customers will click on you and not your competition.

You can increase your organic SEO by incorporating keywords into your posts and most recently, Google are acknowledging the use of emojis to identify local business categories. For example, an emoji of a car might be useful for a mechanic or car retailer just as a pizza emoji would be acknowledged by search engines when listing a pizza restaurant. These types of innovations are popular among younger audiences.

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