IT Help And Computer Geek Northern Beaches

Why Choose OC?

We are witnessing an era of technology and we are excited about it – just like you’re. However, we completely understand that many people just want their computers to work effectively and they don’t care how it works. That’s where our job starts! In a complete fail-safe approach, we offer solutions that will work wonderfully for you and your business. Whether it’s your PC or Mac, just give us the device that’s troubling you and we will do the job.

What We Offer?

A complete fail-safe expert IT Support system at a great price is what we offer – sounds great, right! A wide range of services are offered by us depending on your comfort level with technology. If you’re a tech savvy and want full control & access of the systems – then we’ll provide you the tools to achieve that. If you don’t want to handle the geek stuff – then we can do that for you. It all depends on how comfortable you’re with technology.


How we can help:

We offer expert IT help when your systems/computers stop working the way they’re supposed to. Our geek can resolve the problem either at your site, on the phone, or remotely in the Northern Beaches.

Team OC is an expert in the installation and configuration of new IT systems or services across three areas:

  1. System Migration – Whenever you want, our geek will upgrade your system. First, installation and configuration is carried out in the new system, and then migration of your data from the old to the new computers is performed. We ensure that the transition is seamless and hassle-free. We minimise the time you’re offline and cause little disruption to your business as possible.
  2. Business Systems Integration – We offer smarter and better IT processes and software solutions that can save time & money on your business. For example, we can offer new payroll software that automates the processes and decreases the number of manual steps required – thus saving staff time. It’s not always possible to stay up to date with new products as technology changes at a rapid pace – so your business might get affected. We are here to help – Our expert team loves to implement new systems that can make your business profitable and life easier.
  3. Cloud Integration Services – Do you wish to access your data from anywhere in the world on any device? Team OC is here to help as we can move your stored data/info from your desktop or on-premise server to a Cloud-based system, like Google Apps.


How We Work?

  • Our experts can resolve the most complex IT problems in the Northern Beaches. Our IT Help Manager, Ben works like a geek superhero when it comes to kick the problems away. Our geek team loves to surf in the sea of most complex problems, while effectively staying away from issues that caught other IT Help teams. This attitude helps us to get our clients back online sooner than they expect.
  • If you’re an ‘IT Savvy’, then we can help you to create your own IT strategy with our wild and viable plethora of ideas. We offer system maintenance – backed by the guarantee of being a certified Google Partner & Google Apps Re-seller in the Northern Beaches.
  • We help to create your IT strategy after a thorough assessment of your needs, especially for ‘IT Comfortable’ clients. We will also provide useful insights and recommendations for upgrading your IT capabilities that supports your business growth strategy.
  • After upgrading your computers and systems, we also offer a monthly maintenance service that will make sure that these systems keep performing efficiently. You’ll have complete peace of mind that your IT systems are being taken care of so you can concentrate on your core business.
  • For people who don’t consider themselves geeks or lack the knowledge in technology – Team OC can offer expert IT Help to develop computers that are easy to use, fail safe and have automated back-up support. We offer a quarterly check-up to make sure that everything is running seamlessly. Just like any other machine, computers also require servicing at regular intervals for smoother operations.

Why Work With OC?

We are IT geeks, but we’ll never talk down to you or geek speak you – explaining you the smallest points. We are small, professional and cost-effective outsourced IT help centre based in Northern Beaches who work creatively and efficiently with loads of fun.