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Jump-Start the New Year With a New Promotional Video

30 Dec 2020 onlineconsulting

To say that 2020 was different than other years is an understatement. We’ve endured bushfires, flooding and continue to battle the Coronavirus; our very way of life has likely changed forever. Many businesses have changed their business practices to reflect these events, and what better way to show these changes to your audience than with a 2021 promotional video! Here’s why a promotional video can help boost your business.

Keeps you with the times

A promotional video will not only allow your business to get creative in expressing itself and its values, but it also shows your audience that you are very active and are moving into the new year with them. It can be a great explainer video for business goals and targets what you want to tell the audience about and can help keep your website at the top of Google search results. It can also be a great way to promote your locals, the ones who always help support your business and are loyal to you. Showcasing locals and your own staff add a level of humanity to your brand and might be more likable as a result. 

Great way to market new products

Videos are the perfect way to get new products, services and updates to your customers. Cool company videos can be made for whatever your needs are, whether they need to be flashy or sincere, you’re free to design it however you like. They also let you show off a product far better than mere images can. You can offer a video for each product or services, so people can really see what they’re signing up for. Not only is this an honest, upfront method of advertisement, but this may also help reduce the types of customers that ask for refunds when they claim it’s “not as advertised”. Video marketing for your business remains to be one of the most popular ways to advertise on your website or social media platforms.

Encourages your staff and workforce

You don’t just need to make a video for your customers. You can design a corporate event video that aims to promote the staff, and showcases their achievements throughout the year. Staff appreciation is a great way to keep them motivated in working and to make them feel acknowledged. Showoff the great moments you guys have had, any company dinners, camping trips and other events that may have happened out of the office to keep it fun.

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