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Migrator For Google Apps – The Ultimate Weapon To Transfer Data

06 Jul 2015 Online Consulting

Highly Effective, Easy to Use and 100% FREE –Migrator app makes moving Google-stored information a whole lot easier!

Migrator for Google Applications… what does it do, exactly? It takes the contents of a Google Apps user account and helps you transfer it from one domain to another. It can also combine all the information in a user account with another account on a similar Google Apps domain.

With Migrator there’s no need to manually transfer Gmail messages, Contacts, Google drive documents or Calendar appointments. Instead you can simply, easily and quickly migrate them.

When can Migrator be used? 

Migrator is perfect to use in situations like these:

  • A corporation acquires another organisation which is running its own Google Apps domain.
  • A school or college needs to transfer student accounts from a student to an alumni domain.
  • An employee leaves a business and his or her details need to be transferred to a different user.
  • A company decides to change domain names.

How to get started with Migrator?

Take a look at The Migrator software authenticates through the Google Apps Market. After that, you come back to to configure the data transfers. You’ll need to have rights of an administrator on the Google Apps domain you want to migrate info to or from.

Remember, the whole migration process takes several hours to build, and the time duration largely depends upon the level of information you need to transfer. You’ll be notified by Migrator by Email when the migration is completed.

Is Migrator the right choice for you?

Produced and driven by Backupify, Migrator is built to do one thing – to migrate data. It does this effectively and it’d be hard to find any other data or information migration tool which is as rapid, effective, or as specifically tailored to Google Apps.

You can give Migrator for Google Apps a free test today – you’ll soon see why experts refer to Migrator as an excellent tool which each and every Google Apps administrator must have knowledge about. Migrator for Google Apps will surely make your work easy and hassle-free.