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Mobile Search – A Continuous Rise in 2015

13 Apr 2015 Online Consulting

Experts have stated last year that in 2015 the mobile search will reach the top. They stated that in 2015 the Smartphones, tablets and all the other mobile devices will easily surpass the traditional search activity done on desktop or laptop.

With increase in prominence, availability and usage of Smartphones at quite a high level indicates that mobile search will grow more in 2015. We have almost completed the first quarter of 2015 and the trends show that the statements made by experts last year are quite true.

In a recently held press conference, Google stated that digital retailing is on huge rise. This is happening majorly because more and more people are getting access of Smartphone. Accessing web through mobile has never been on such a high in history. Google reported that last year in the month of December, mobile search in Australia accounted for more than 50% of total Google search traffic.

With more people using their Smartphone to search for multiple things, it has become quite important to take advantage of the growing opportunities to target possible clients. Just like desktop, mobile search also takes various points into consideration such as:

  • Screens or displays are smaller, therefore search results are different.
  • Website may not offer same search engine trans-coding on mobile.
  • Screen/displays are smaller.
  • Mobiles have totally different search behaviour/intents than a desktop.
  • Different types of bots (for example, GoogleBot-Mobile)

There is a high chance that in near future mobile search would be generating more visitors to websites. This is bound to happen with mobiles becoming more hi-tech and sophisticated. With the increase usage of Smartphone, mobile search for services and goods would become first choice for the majority of people in the future.

If you are attracted to the idea of promoting your website through mobile search, then it is important to ensure that it fits properly on smaller screens. The layout should be aesthetically pleasing and information must be conveyed properly to the visitors. An easy to navigate website would encourage the user to go for your services and products.

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