Online Consulting for 10 years

Online Consulting – We’ve Made Sense of the Web for 10 Years

05 Mar 2018 Richard Hensley

In 2008 the dotcom bubble had well and truly burst and the IT industry was re-calibrating around businesses that would lead the computerised economy.

I’d been working for a small computer company as their resident IT geek. Reliance on technology was absolute by then but IT repairs were a bit like the NRMA – someone would respond and get you back on the road but they didn’t forecast the issues that would lead to the next call out. I knew then that I wanted a business that fostered relationships and gave genuine and comprehensive IT advice and support.

It was my father who recommended me for my first paid job. I can trace it to the 15th of February, 2008. We sat together and I registered for an ABN. He gave me an invoice book as I walked out the door

That was the beginning of Online Consulting. The business was Yalla and I still do work for them today. Like many of those early customers, they gave me my start and stood by me. They not only encouraged and supported my growth but referred me on.

More and more I was asked to work on websites. I learnt the content management systems of most designs so it was a logical progression to manage the back end work for our customers. I needed help with that and Online Consulting became a team rather than an individual.

‘We Make Sense Of The Web’ not only defines what we do but the importance of the team at Online Consulting. There’s 24 of us now. Their expertise took us from working on websites to building them. If it wasn’t for their willingness to stay with me on this journey we wouldn’t have come nearly as far as we have.

If you’re in business you’ll know that at times it’s a bumpy ride. I’ve shared the journey with great mentors, colleagues, clients, and friends. Business has given me an appreciation for all of the things that matter the most. I was a single man when I started out, now I have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. I’m a fortunate man indeed.

To everybody who’s believed in me and supported Online Consulting, I can’t thank you enough.

Sam Crawford
Creative Director and General Manager