Onsite Computer Repairs And Fix Northern Beaches

Why Choose OC?

We offer expert technical support for a wide range of devices such as a laptop, desktop, computers, Mac notebook, network, printer, mobile devices, and routers. We deliver all types of onsite computer repairs and fix at the Northern Beaches. There’s no need to take your computer to service center or waste time and energy in traveling and waiting in the queue.

Just give us a call 02 8004 4527 and we will come to you with our expert computer help. In this era of technological innovations, laptops and computers have become an essential part of your everyday work and business. We understand that it is quite important to resolve any problem quickly and permanently.

Looking for onsite computer repairs & fix in the Northern Beaches? We are the best destination. Our team brings all the essential tools and parts to ensure quality and timely computer fix. We also offer parts such as hard disk, RAM, SSD, power supply and casing at affordable prices. Network equipment like routers, extenders, and repeaters are available with us.

Team OC at Northern Beaches can fix or repair a wide range of brands like Apple, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung etc. and can even assemble PC depending on the requirements of the client. We are expert in installation of operating systems like Mac OS, Windows or Linux.

First, our expert team will analyse the whole scenario before starting the computer fix or repairs. We will thoroughly understand the issues and may ask a few questions before starting the work. Our IT geek will come at your doorstep and start onsite computer repairs, while you relax and wait for outstanding results. At OC, we strongly believe in upfront and transparent pricing which is explained before the work starts.

Team OC provides value onsite computer repairs in Northern Beaches and can assist you with almost any computer fix such as:

  • Onsite computer, laptop repair/fix
  • Onsite Apple repairs/fix
  • Onsite IT support
  • Wi-Fi & Broadband issues are fixed
  • Laptop screen repair/fix
  • Hard Drive replacement/repair
  • Backup Solutions
  • Onsite Computer Virus removal & Spyware removal
  • Software Problems like Windows Crashes, Blue-screens, speed problems and Windows Boot Errors.
  • Recovery of Lost passwords
  • Data Recovery Specialists
  • Assembling of parts from different vendors to make a customised PC
  • Online backup & sharing
  • Onsite mac repairs/fix
  • Complete support plan, including onsite repairs.

We won’t geek talk or confuse you with technical terms. Team OC does its work efficiently without creating any disturbance at your home, office or business place. We are a team of professionals who strive to deliver better results than our clients’ expectations. We are small, creative, and fun to work with geeks, offering world-class onsite computer help & repairs in the Northern Beaches, Sydney.