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Three Reasons Why Digital Marketing Fails

17 Jul 2017 Online Consulting

It seems simple, right. People spend most of their waking hours on their devices. Online. Connected, influenced and impressionable. So why does digital marketing fail, more often than not?

Digital marketing should be the key to reaching new markets, enriching your business database and getting your products and services globally known. The digital market seems like the obvious, if not essential, platform for creating your business visibility, growth and profit.

Instead, investing in digital marketing often seems to be a never-ending black hole of frustration. A place to insert money and time and watch as it disappears into the cyber void.

So if it’s not digital marketing, then what is the 21st Century answer to the global market blast off?

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

It’s not that digital marketing doesn’t work, it’s that you have to see it as a multi armed machine. You need to learn how to find the one arm out of thousands that is right for you, then prepare your material so the plug for that arm goes exactly into the socket you are looking for.

In simple terms, digital marketing is very big. You need to know what you are looking for and what result you are seeking in order to make the money and time you invest worthwhile. Get those things right and digital marketing has the capacity to deliver fantastic results, boost your database with high quality leads, and grow your business.

That’s what we do for our clients at Online Consulting. We pick the arms from thousands and connect your message with your audience to get results, returns, numbers and satisfaction.

Digital Marketing: Know What You Are Doing

Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram posts do not know what you are doing. They cannot do your work for you. They are only codes and tools to channel through. You need to be very clear about what those channels are.

It’s imperative that you know what you are doing (or have a professional consultant who knows what they are doing). The programs need your detailed input and instruction. Putting in an ad and posting it is too broad of an instruction. You need to be very clear on who you are targeting and what your message does in order for it to go to the right places. That way you are only reaching out to people who actually need what you are offering. From there, you entice them to your website.

Know how to talk to your audience. Know where they hang out, what words they respond to, what time of day is best to contact them and why your product will work for them specifically.

Digital Marketing: Know What To Look For

How does your website look, feel and speak? Take a step back and look through they eyes of a first-time visitor. Does what you have mean something to your audience?

Not all websites are created equal so makes sure yours packs a punch where it counts. You need to be informative, interesting, responsive and have high quality images, research or systems (relevant to your product or service purpose). The best websites are customer focused. They deliver clear and easy to digest content in a modern and engaging way. If your business website is not meeting these essential customer needs, then this will be priority number one for you. Clean up your site, revamp, reposition and re-address your audience so that when you spend the money on getting them there, your customers want to stay.

Hits and misses are only a small portion of the data available to you. Know how to look for feedback and information that let’s you know how your marketing is going in detail. If you don’t know how to look at the data coming back, you won’t know where to trim, refine and change your future material. If all you know is that you are getting zero clicks, you’re still in the dark as to how to turn it around.

Knowing what doesn’t work is essential for finding that formula that generates life and energy to your business. There is no point investing more money or more time into a channel that hits a dead end. Know where to look for the right channel, the places your potential clients go, the language your potential clients use and the feedback to ensure you are ticking the right boxes.

Digital Marketing: Have An End Result In Mind

Sales might be what you’re thinking about when you set out on your digital marketing mission. Numbers and figures, with the end goal of money in your pocket. In actual fact, the best response lies deeper than the dollar. Your end goal is to establish trust. It’s to show commitment to both your product and your customer, and it’s to demonstrate value for what you have to offer.

The way to do that is though touch. Reaching out and touching a person’s needs, hopes, desires. What you need to aim for is a connection. That connection will then return as a sale, as database numbers and as money in your pocket.

If you don’t know how to fully use these tools then get an expert to help you out. How much you pay and how much input they have is up to you, your skills and your budget. The right person is the person who can get you to the next level, so be sure to ask the questions you need to feel confident in your choice.