Video Producer And Photography Northern Beaches

Why Choose OC?

Looking for cool videos and mesmerising photography? You’re at the right place! At Online Consulting, we create films that captivate the senses of the viewers. We are expert in shooting people & products, and help them to stand out and convey their uniqueness.


What We Offer?

By creating memorable photographs and videos, we engage the audience who then quickly act on what they see. To enhance the reach and create interest, a video is edited so it can be used across different platforms. Our experts can edit and convert a 10 minute video into a 30 second YouTube ad that can attract more viewers.

At OC, our video producer is fully committed to meet the needs of the clients, and we work on 3 principles:

Versatility – We offer a wide range of photography and video production services, such as corporate video and profiles, product videos and shoots, conferences and events, online video, scripting, TVCs, and video productions.

Accessibility: Cost-effective solutions are what we known for in the Northern Beaches. Now, anyone can access the power of film. We are small enough to keep our costs down, but deliver top-notch results from our highly efficient studio.

Fun: That’s how we work! No more dull and complex projects. We are dedicated to our work, but have fun, high energy and relaxed atmosphere in our studio as it guarantees the best results on camera. Come and join us on the rollercoaster ride – A perfect combo of fun and result-oriented work.


How We Work?

While capturing photographs or filming someone we help them to relax – to be themselves. We don’t try to transform them into actors, and capture the real & natural expressions of people we work with.

Team OC work process is creative, flexible, detailed and inclusive. We love detailing and consider even the tiniest expression – that’s the reason why we take a long time setting a shoot up before filming. Jarrad, our Production Manager, is known for spending hours in getting things perfect – and it works wonderfully.


Why Work With Team OC?

We strive to bring the vision of our clients to life. We have a expert  team of highly creative minds who collaborate with clients to get the brightest ideas – great inspirations can come from anyone and anywhere. Through the work we produce, we engage and energise the audience – so they react on what they see. A shot or video isn’t effective, if it fails to generate reaction of the viewers.

We’re a small, highly creative, fun and effective team – That’s what makes us the best team to work with in the Northern Beaches, Sydney.