Online Consulting SEO Predictions 2019

2019 SEO Predictions – Trends to Look Out For

28 Nov 2018 onlineconsulting

As we farewell 2018 and look forward to 2019, there is one glaring statistic that should focus your attention on the task of increasing your search engine rankings.

It’s this: Google receives 5 billion searches each day and it is responsible for 70% of traffic received by websites. What does that mean? Well put simply, if you don’t pay attention to SEO then you can expect to see traffic to your website dry up … significantly!

SEO is the most important element in building your online presence. When you regroup in 2019, or before you close down for 2018, the top of the list of priorities for the coming year should be your SEO strategy for 2019.

Online Consulting Services are SEO specialists in Sydney. We have experts who spend their days formulating SEO strategies for our clients and keeping abreast of the trends. In 2019, we think the following trends are going to feature strongly in SEO marketing:

Befriend the titan: In case you don’t know who or what the titan is, it’s Google. If you become integrated with Google’s products then they will like, no love you for it. That means getting on board with G suite. With G Suite, you can track and change documents in real time with Google Docs, chat in Hangouts, register with Google Business, video conference with Google Meet and share content and information on YouTube, Google+ and Blogger. With G Suite all of your contacts and calendars can be synchronised across your network so nobody can say they weren’t informed about the presentation that took place using Google Slides.

Don’t be a dinosaur, use video: Produce and share content in the format that your audience would like to consume it. It was rising in 2018 and video will only get bigger in 2019. Across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, audiences of varying demographics are tuning in because it’s simple; when done well it’s entertaining; and it’s versatile across platforms.  

If you haven’t done so yet, start producing some compelling video content and start incorporating it into your marketing plan.

Quality content. Regardless of what you read about SEO trends, algorithms and theories from experts, one thing is certain: Quality, consistent content will always rank. Establish yourself as an industry expert and Google will reward you. It’s not all you have to do but it’s a big part of it. Make it fresh and mix it up. Use video, make it easy for your audience to consume and most of all be relevant and consistent.

The metrics for keywords has changed for voice search. In 2019 voice search will be increasingly popular on devices like Alexa and Google Home. You won’t be able to rely on being found based on the way your audience types.

We phrase things differently for voice search and therefore the metrics for keywords needs to change. It could have a huge impact on your entire SEO strategy. Discuss it with your web development company or digital marketing consultant.

Google will pay more attention to social media. There hasn’t been a lot of clarity around Google and how they factor it into the relevance of your brand. But social media and the explosion of existing and new platforms means that they will need to start taking it more seriously. That makes our section on video all the more relevant. Social media channels vary from audience to audience. Find out what suits your audience and create content that will reach them.

Google will want more paid advertising. That’s the bad news, the good news is that it may pay off big time for your search engine rankings. It’s not that organic SEO will be redundant, quite the opposite, there’s just going to be more pressure and potentially better outcomes by stumping up for some Google ads.