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Benefits of IT Support to Small Businesses in Sydney

30 Nov 2020 onlineconsulting

Small businesses don’t have access to large infrastructures that larger companies do. When a computer goes down to an EFTPOS isn’t working, business owners must either make time to get their hardware fixed, or pay to get a new one. With an IT Support group by your side, you can be sure that your hardware will stay up to date, and more. Here are some ways IT consulting can benefit your business.

Make working from home easier

Many people are now working from home, and as a result, must learn how to use computers and software they may not be familiar with using. An IT Support team can help prepare platforms for you and your staff to effectively communicate and work on collaborative projects just like you’re in an office network. They can also provide deployment and training of widely used programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Apps, as well as deploying Google services to your workforce to make working from home easier and collaborative.

Keeps all your devices in check

Another great advantage of an IT team behind your back is the remote monitoring management services that come with it. All that’s needed from you is to install a program, and you can leave the rest to them! IT Support can manage all your updates and storage with remote computer health checks and recommend you on the best course of action for new software and upgrades. IT Support can identify an issue with your computer or server and action steps to fix it before you even know about it, keeping you focused on your staff and business.

Protection from data breaches and leaks

Data is an integral part of anyone’s business, and it should be kept safe. With more services offering cloud storage, it’s essential to understand where that data goes and how secure your connection is when uploading and downloading files. Your IT Support team can offer you the best antivirus software and methods to protect your business from cyberattacks and scams.

Provide data backups and recovery options

Sometimes data may become lost or corrupted, leaving you with no option but to either make that data again or cope with the loss. IT Support can set up an automatic local or cloud storage and backup method for your business so, in the event of data loss, it can be quickly recovered. Talk to our team to learn about the best backup solutions for your small business.

Help your business to grow

Alongside the technical support, an IT Consultancy company can provide you with methods to improve your business practices with technology, and improve your websites traffic growth with Search Engine Optimisation services (SEO). Essentially, SEO uses the metadata from your website to slowly build up your audience over time by keeping your website up to date with content and links to boost your rating in search engines. Its a long term commitment but has helped many businesses grow. 
There are many ways IT can help your business function and grow, and we want to help you and your business grow in whichever way you see fit. Online Consulting is your one-stop shop for all the IT support services you will need. If we don’t know your system, we’ll learn it for you.