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How To Capture Great Images For Websites? 6 Tips You Just Can’t Ignore

10 May 2017 Online Consulting

A business website must strike the right combination between images and text to help visitors understand what the site is offering to them.

  1. Get The Best Quality Images

Almost every site has some image on it, and that picture can accomplish more to enhance your site, even more than the most attractive layout. Remember, you can end up damaging your website’s credibility, and lose customers and sales, if you have a low quality image on your website.

  1. Determine The Subject Of Your Image

Generally, individuals and animals are a most sought out subjects on webpages. If you’re also planning to use images of living things then keep in mind these points:

  • Make sure the eyes are noticeable in the image. Since eyes are usually the first thing what individuals look at when they look at images, you should ensure that your web images also have clear visible eyes. Images where the eyes are hard to find or are in shadow are going to be less effective.
  • Keep focus on faces because just like eyes, faces of the models look more captivating and arose interest among the visitors compared to the entire body in most situations.
  • Cover the Whole body of the subject, particularly if you’re capturing images of pets or wild animals. Make sure you get most part of the subject in your frame as possible.
  • Visitors love to see action, so photos of people or animals in action can bring more attention of the audience to your website.
  1. Capturing Products Is A Tad Different

In case, you’re capturing products for website of your northern Beaches based business, you need to ensure that they stand out from the surroundings. Many visitors depend on images to make their shopping decisions, so having a nice product photograph could make the deal.

  • Allow a Zoom-in feature for your product image. If zoom-in isn’t possible, then crop the image down to only the product you wish to highlight.
  • The product should have proper light. Visitors of your site won’t purchase, if they can’t see your products properly. Ensure proper light is available while capturing photos.
  • Offer multiple angles of the product. If possible take photographs of the products from numerous sides. This will provide a better view of your product to the buyers.
  1. What’s In The Background Of The Image

Have you decided what will be in the background of your web images, or have you seen what’s behind the subject in the photographs that you’ve already clicked? Remember, the product or subject of your image will lose its shine and importance, if the background has too much clutter or noise. If proper background isn’t available at the place where you’re shooting, then just switch to a new place with better view. Ensure that the background doesn’t look messy and appreciates the product or subject nicely.

  1. Give Importance To Lighting

Quite often novice photographers from Northern Beaches make the same mistake again and again. They neglect the importance or correct use of lighting while capturing images. As a professional photographer, don’t forget the sun while shooting outdoors as it can make or break the whole photography project. If you’re shooting indoors, then ensure ample amount of light in the room.

  1. Legal Concerns Or Details

You need to have proper documents to use the face of the model you’re shooting. Having proper ‘model release’ documents will save you from any legal troubles. Ensure you take all the necessary steps to make sure that you have the permission for shooting at the location you’re planning to use as the background. A few precautionary steps can save you from a lot of legal liabilities.