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How to write for digital marketing and website content that converts

31 Aug 2019 onlineconsulting

Great content and good writing allows enterprises to have a direct discourse with their audience. The old idea that audiences are subordinate to brands and should be willing to consume the product or service that the brand is willing to offer is long redundant. Customers consume products consistently because they align with an organisations’ values and culture. If they are going to use your product they expect some transparency and they expect to like what they see otherwise they will take their business elsewhere.

Enter the writer. Good writing can escalate engagement. That is how to convert website visitors into customers. More and more, as consumers have greater choice about where they place their loyalty, they want to be educated on competency, culture, values and people. Showcasing the value proposition in a brand beyond its core business is the essence of good writing.

Objectivity is part of the writer’s role

The challenge for most business owners is distinguishing between what they consider to be important and interesting about their business and what will meet the needs of their customers. Too often businesses are ignorant of the need they should be trying to serve. They are caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture.

If you start to write content without a strategy and without understanding your audience you are unlikely to turn your audience into consumers. Good writing can condense all of the attributes of your business and consolidate a message that meets those interests.

Turning your audience into loyal consumers

So how do you convert website visitors into customers? Well you can’t write the occasional blog with a few words that you think your audience might use to find you and think that’s enough. Successful content marketers are blogging weekly, sometimes more often. They are making themselves industry authorities not just authorities on their own businesses. 

Staying ahead of the curb is what makes good website content. Research before you post and convince your audience that you are the ‘go to authorities’ in your industry or sector. That can’t be emphasised enough. You are expected to be an authority on your business – you need to be perceived as an industry leader. 

How to contend with the competition

Being a website copywriter in Sydney means you are going to have to contend with plenty of competition. You are going to have to follow your website content up with regular and compelling writing that will keep you in the minds of potential consumers. Scan the net for ideas; what’s making news abroad; what are the trends that might hit ours shores soon. Don’t sell, inform. Disseminate interesting information, don’t just write for the sake of writing. Online Consulting has a great team of professional copywriters and copywriting services for website, digital and content marketing. We are SEO specialists. We can show you how to write content that increases your google ranking. Contact Online Consulting to discuss your content and digital marketing strategy today.