Increase Facebook Social Media Reach

Increase your social media reach in 2020

30 Dec 2019 onlineconsulting

There is scarcely a business that doesn’t utilise social media in one form or another. If anything, most businesses are looking to increase social media engagement. There’s a good reason for that; in the States more than 50% of consumers either turn to social media to research products, or they are turned on to products because of an ad or post on social media. It’s unlikely the percentage of users would be much less here in Australia.

In 2020 the trend towards graphics is likely to continue. The use of compelling visuals and typography that cuts through doesn’t clutter the mind with complex product information or ambiguity about what it is they are being asked to consider. Use your post to draw your audience in. 

Too many businesses get caught up in what they think is wonderful about their product or service and fail to tell their audience the benefits. Think age, gender, demography of your target audience and woo them with why your product or service will change their lives. If you’re unsure check out who is buying your product and why? That’s a great way of analysing your target market.

From there work on your social media strategy. Audiences are discerning. They don’t all flock to one social media channel like sheep. Facebook is a great example. Teens and gen Y’s fled from Facebook when their parents joined. That’s not to say Facebook isn’t the perfect platform for your audience or a segment of it. But for a younger audience you might consider Instagram. 

Back to Facebook for a sec. There are many benefits to setting up facebook for business. Most businesses have a facebook profile and despite its ever decreasing organic reach, it still hosts the majority of social media users. If you are boosting and advertising on Facebook and still concerned that you are reaching enough people, Twitter is a quick way to disseminate information and LinkedIn engages and builds helpful professional networks. 

Never stop analysing your target audience. See how they patronise social media and who they are influencing or being influenced by. Don’t fall for the old fashioned bricks and mortar philosophy that defines consumers as subordinate to your brand. They are smarter than that. Audiences want you to be engaged with their values. In many cases they want to see how you contribute to society beyond the product or service you offer. So don’t be afraid to be advocates for social causes. Champion issues that you know are aligned to the hearts and minds of the people you want to attract. That’s not being disIngenuous, your audience is expecting it of you. 

As we’ve already said, visuals are really the way to go. Heavy written content will not grab the attention of an audience who doesn’t have the patience to wait more than eight seconds for a website to load. Great visuals with minimal written content featuring keywords – words that articulate benefit and describe your product or service – is the way to attract a larger audience. All the main platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, use algorithms that determine the tastes and interests of their users. They do that by analysing the content posted by organisations like yours. Content that is designed to meet the interests of their users. It’s called social media optimisation (SMO) which is aligned to search engine optimisation (SEO). While they are both a mysterious and very fluid art, both are an essential ingredient for a sound and effective digital marketing strategy. 

For a digital marketing agency on the Northern Beaches that understands social media and google advertising, contact Online Consulting. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential to find an audience fragmented across different platforms. That includes paid advertising and boosting and organic SEO.  We’ll broaden your presence on social media and make sure that your content is designed to fully inform your audience across a number of platforms.