Facebook for businesses in Australia

Reasons Why Your Business Still Needs Facebook

31 Jul 2019 onlineconsulting

There are still businesses that are reticent about using facebook. Facebook has 500 million users world-wide and thousands of new users are adding to that number every day. Facebook is the monolith of social media and the benefits of Facebook for business are enormous. If you add the appeal of the demographic to the numbers it attracts, then advertising and engaging on social media is sure to find you an audience.

Facebook engages your audience in ways traditional media can’t

Facebook is about having a conversation with your audience. The old bricks and mortar style of selling to customers doesn’t work anymore. Your audience want to be participants in the culture and values of the organisations they engage with and the products they use.

Engage in the conversation

Is a Facebook business page worth it? Absolutely. If you have a business and you are trying to understand your social media audience, think of a broad range of topics to attract a diverse audience. When you attempt to attract diversity, you give your audience more of an opportunity to find a way of connecting to your values as an organisation. Facebook is a community of people who want to attach their identity to products, causes, organisations and movements. To that extent they want to be co-collaborators. They are discerning and they want to partner in your success, if you can prove to them that your values as an organisation align with their own. The only way to do that is to engage in the conversation and have as broad appeal as possible.

Let your audience become your advocates

Let your audience become co- collaborators in your success. Listen to what they want from your services and try as much as possible to facilitate their suggestions. Large corporations who succeed on social media factor audience feedback into their strategic direction. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s  only the product or service that appeals to your audience. Great culture and inclusiveness might be principles that a social media audience will become attracted to. When they see an organisation they believe in and if they feel they have a forum where their opinion matters, you will be rewarded.

What does audience reward look like?

The average Facebook user has 150 friends. If they like what you’re doing then they will tell their 150 friends. And those 150 friends will tell their 150 friends and before you know it your product, special or service might just have created a viral effect.

Facebook instead of a website

There are companies who bypass a website and rely solely on their Facebook page. Facebook has a profile with a wall for comments, photos, events and applications. With plug-ins like FBML, you can create welcome pages with custom HTML links to other tabs or your website (if you have one). Traffic through your website from Facebook is great for SEO.

Create a Vanity URL

Once you have 25 followers, you can create a vanity URL. A vanity URL is a custom address for your Facebook business page, such as Most people refer to these customized URLs as vanity URLs, Facebook calls them usernames.

Navigating Facebook, Google and other online platforms can be tricky. Developing a sound and coherent digital marketing strategy can be even trickier. Online consulting provide digital marketing services that make sense of the web. There are plenty of good reasons to gain a digital marketing edge and engage a digital consultant in Sydney.