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Top 10 Signs Your Website is Outdated

30 Oct 2020 onlineconsulting

When people want to find out more about a business, the first thing they will do is look you up on the internet and find your website. Your website can be the gateway for your business, and can help establish your business as one that can benefit your clients, or scare them away depending on how up to date your website is, and how easy it is to use and understand. Here are the top 10 signs that show your website is outdated, and should be amended immediately.

  1.  Your website is only HTTPS

Security has become more valuable to customers over the years. HTTP websites are labelled as non secure sites, where information could easily be leaked or hacked into. HTTPS is secure and if your site doesn’t use this, then you’ll suffer from it. To sort this out, contact your domain hosting provider on how to get this enabled asap.

  1.  Slow loading times

With faster internet becoming a regular thing in households, people will notice if your site is taking its time to load. On average, a person visiting a new site will wait around 5 – 10 seconds before giving up and trying another site. If your site loads within this window, then many eyes could be looking away from your page. Talk to your domain provider on how to improve website bounce rate to get your brand out there.

  1.  Poor interface designs

A website that’s hard to navigate through or one that’s too harsh on the eyes (too many fluro colours) can make it not worth the effort to try and navigate through. If you have noticed this too, it’s time to get a professional website redesign to utilise the best web design practices out there.

  1.  Your site isn’t mobile friendly

Almost everyone browses the internet with their phones nowadays. Computers are still the most used but mobiles make a huge portion of that category. Making your website mobile friendly will help those mobile users engage with your site, and help bring in a larger audience.

  1.  Your website still uses Java and Flash

It was cool in its prime, but now Java and Flash are ancient in today’s times. It’s so old, Google Chrome no longer supports Flash, and most smartphones don’t support either software. If your site still uses these, it’s time to plan a website redesign.

  1.  Your copyright date is out of date

It’s a simple one but can be a glaring sign that your site isn’t up to date. Usually placed at the website’s footer, it can be a big indicator to an outsider whether the company is continuously updating and contributing to their site or not. This follows into our next sign.

  1.  Lack of new/updated content

Now, you don’t need to be adding new content every single day. But if you have blogs and articles that were made in and for 2019, 2018 or even later, then it’s time to add some new content. When people look for information or products and services, most will look for updated and current content. If your content is that old, people may not even find your page. 

  1.  No call-to-action buttons

One thing you want to focus on about your website is what is its purpose. Is it to simply advertise your product or service, or are you also getting leads from it and growing your market? Call-to-action buttons are those that encourage people to give some details, make the first step in finding out more about what you can provide them. This could be from a free quote or a simple, leave your details and we’ll get back to you. If you don’t utilise these, then your site could be doing much better.

  1.  There’s little to no social media presence

Social media is the forefront of free marketing, advertising and customer interaction for your business. If your site doesn’t use social media at all, then take a bit of time to sit down and set them up, or have your SEO services provider organise your social media. The more exposure your business has, the better.

  1. Your website has poor performance rates

If you’re tracking your website’s stats and progress, then you can clearly see your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and from there build up your site to perform better. If you don’t track your website at all, then it’s time to start. Getting stats and updates on your site is crucial for further development and to see how people interact with your website.

If your business doesn’t have the time to dedicate building up your website, articles and social media presence, talk to SEO and website specialists Online Consulting today. We are a web development company in Sydney who are experts in all aspects of website design.