website mistakes to avoid

Top Website Fails and How to Avoid Them

28 Feb 2021 onlineconsulting

Websites are one of the most significant connections you have to your customers, and they’ve become increasingly important over the years. A modern, clean and effective website should function as a tool for your business to help it succeed, bring in more business and express what the company is all about. If your website feels outdated or misses the mark and doesn’t represent your business anymore, then it may be time for a renovation. Websites can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to fall into certain traps, but follow our advice to avoid these typical website traps and keep ahead of the game.

Slow loading times

Most people have short attention spans and don’t like to wait long. If your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, then chances are people will exit out and find another website before giving yours the chance to load. Fast loading websites are an industry standard and are expected from every user who knows their internet isn’t to blame. Try loading your website, and if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, talk to your website provider and website host to upgrade your speeds. In some cases, the backend may not be fully utilised for modern websites and browsers, so take action to optimise your website thoroughly.

Poor website design

Loading times are one thing, but how does your website look? Does it match the tone of your business? Can you quickly navigate to where you need to go? Does it help accomplish your business goals? If you can’t confidently answer yes to any of these questions, it may be time to talk to a web design consultant. If users don’t know how to use your website, how can they make the most of it? Website designs should make sense very quickly, and if you have no call to action buttons, you should get some added. 

Not utilising SEO Services

If you haven’t heard of it before, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a website strategy used to grow website traffic and track how your audience uses your website. With this information, you can continue modifying and improving your website to improve it further and boost its ranking in Google search results. Find a company that specialises in small business website design services to take full advantage of SEO services, and watch the customers fly in!

Doing it alone

Website development can be overwhelming if you’re tackling it alone, especially if you’re new to the scene. If you want an expert’s take on your website, Online Consulting can help you improve your website, take professional business photos, general IT support, and more! We are a jack of all trades IT company and will take care of all your needs. You’re not alone in your journey, so talk to us today!