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The Benefits of Using a Professional Photographer for your Website

02 Nov 2019 onlineconsulting

In many ways, technology has lulled us into believing that if we can avail ourselves of the right equipment and subscribe to a few blogs then we can do anything we want to do nearly as well as the professionals. 

Well in some situations that may be the case. We can defer to the brilliance of a thermomix for helping terrible cooks to achieve competence in the way a pianola worked for non-pianists. But in the same way that just buying the latest pair of Nikes won’t guarantee you a gold medal, for the most part you can’t invest in technology and think you’re an overnight expert. 

Actually, advances in technology are most beneficial to people who have learnt their craft without it. They have the principles in place which are acquired through hard work and experience. For them, the latest technology takes away much of the arduous, time wasting elements for a quicker process but the principles of their craft never change no matter the advances in technology.

This is most certainly the case with photography. Small to medium, and even some larger organisations, who are planning to redesign a website think that photography is one part of the process where some corners can be cut and therefore some money saved. If they don’t get the image right – and why would they get the image right if they’re not experienced – they can always rely on photoshop or a similar editing tool to save the day. 

But getting professional photos for your website takes a lot of work in pre and post production and shooting time. Photographers consider many things when they take a photograph, especially a photograph that is designed to showcase a  product or service. Apart from the basics like focus and getting the exposure right, which is often as far as most people can get, they consider the right aperture, angle, lighting and whether they want some elements of movement in the image or not. They carry, and know how to use, macro, wide angle, prime and fish-eye lenses because they vary their shots and see what they can enhance when they edit – which is a whole other skill that most photographers invest in heavily.

A trustworthy web development company in Sydney should insist on professional images for your website. Business lost in poor presentation of your product or service would far exceed any short term savings for amateur photography. 

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