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Why Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

30 Sep 2019 onlineconsulting

It’s understandable that traditional media can be perceived as a safe way to spend your limited marketing dollars. It’s not as vast a marketplace as you’ll find online, but the online world to the uninitiated can seem a bit mysterious. You worry about being lost in the crowd with all of those other companies who are creating websites, online media campaigns and trying to improve their position on search engines.

In marketing and advertising, the term traditional media refers to print (newspaper or magazine ads and mail outs), television and radio. It doesn’t imply that the organisations exclusively using traditional forms of media are outdated because traditional media could be one part of an organisation’s overall marketing strategy. But if you, or your organisation, are only sticking to traditional forms of marketing or advertising then it’s probably time to think again. While business may trickle your way, eventually, it’s far from the global tsunami that can occur if you develop a strong online and digital marketing strategy with a digital marketing consultant in Sydney.

So here is a fact that you will have trouble ignoring. Money spent on online advertising surpasses money spent on TV ads by tens of billions. Online advertising, be it Facebook, Google or one of the other platforms that are emerging to capture the next new and exciting demographic, works. Not only does it work but it works for businesses that are small (even micro), medium, large, enormous and gigantic. It works because you can reach a huge audience in a way that is not only cost-effective but measurable.

What other platform or platforms can turn your local business global. In the online world, there are no sovereign borders so your readership isn’t restricted by locality. You could just as easily get an order from Memphis as you could Marrickville, if you what you offer is unique and has international appeal. 

Of course, web development and digital marketing go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. A great online strategy for products sold online can’t work without a website that doubles as your online store. Smart web development these days is tending to the simple but that’s another story for another article. The point is, when your marketing strategy kicks in you need traffic flowing to your website and that’s when you need some success with google adwords. We like to call it the trilogy of success. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune, you just need to get it right for you and your business. The other advantage of online marketing is that your audience are privy to a direct conversation with the brand. They can praise and admonish with equal opportunity and fervour. 
Find that concept a bit scary? Well perhaps it is but research says that brands that provide their audience with a forum to express their opinion breed loyalty and those that don’t, don’t. Mysterious it may be, but it’s certainly effective. You should contact Online Consulting and have an obligation free conversation about your digital and online marketing. We’re helping businesses do better business every day, because we make sense of the web.