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Why SEO? The Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in SEO

30 Jun 2019 onlineconsulting

With commerce having shifted so heavily to online, it is increasingly important to understand how your clients find you and how you find new clients.  In days gone by your customers found you through your physical presence in their local village. In the age of the internet, our shopfront is our website and your village has gone global!  Given the increase in online businesses and their visibility, it is important to understand how your website stacks up against your competitors and how you will stand out to your ideal client.  The most common way people find your business is by searching the internet for the services or information they need. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation describes the way your site is set up to ensure you are one of the listed results that appear when your client searches for you.

SEO is part of your marketing plan and becomes most relevant when you are looking to get new clients and grow your business.  It is also important in ensuring your credibility and that the quality of your service is in featured in the public domain, in order to continually increase your value to your existing and new clients.  It is worth considering the services of an SEO marketing expert that is qualified and able to give advice on the SEO benefits for business.

Five key benefits of SEO

Cost Effective: When considering ways to advertise your products or services there is a multitude of options.  Many of these require significant investment but SEO is often very low cost, given you pay per user click.  Where your business appears in someone’s search and then clicks through to find out more about you, you pay a small amount for each of these clicks.  This can be significantly lower than a paid advertisement and in some cases, you’ll get more clicks via search engine results than responses to obvious advertising.

Targeted: Where paid advertising often seems like the best option, in order to make the money you spend worthwhile you need to target a wide range of customer type.  SEO techniques allow you to be very specific about the client you are looking for and therefore you reach only those clients you want, rather than spending your advertising dollar on a broader audience who are perhaps less likely to need you.

Flexible: Where paid advertising runs for a nominated amount of time, SEO can be altered and adjusted on a regular basis without having to recreate your advertising intent and materials each time.  This makes SEO agile and a real-time effort to meet your clients as their needs change or yours do.

Trackable: Given the amount of data that can be collected and analysed on a frequent basis, SEO effectiveness can be reviewed and adjusted with real insight, to ensure you are always where your customers are looking for you.

Relevant:  SEO data helps you to understand what your clients are looking for so you can not only tailor your website performance but can adjust your proposition to keep relevant to your client and stay ahead of your competition.

What is an SEO Consultant?

Today SEO is a common function of any online marketing strategy and there are specialists in this field w`o can ensure your SEO is effective.  Sydney SEO consultants have in-depth knowledge of market conditions, trends and the technology being used by search engines in order to give you the greatest opportunity to reach your ideal client.  While it can be tempting in any field to do the basics yourself, a consultant is a great investment in doing SEO well and will increase your success and in turn, your opportunities for growth. Finding an SEO company in Sydney, Australia is a simple search that will yield big results; Online Consulting is here to help in your optimisation journey.