G Suite features perfect for businesses

Why Your Business Needs G Suite

30 May 2019 onlineconsulting

If you want to strengthen the efficiencies around your workflow and systems and improve your internal and external communications, then there is no more powerful tool than G Suite.

G Suite is a synchronised set of products and services – each one complementing the other – to ensure that everybody in your team is across every detail of every task for every meeting. You can track and change documents in real time with Google Docs and all of your contacts and calendars can be synchronised across your network. That’s what makes G Suite so unique.

Google Drive for document sharing

Drive is a revelation. Share your file with your team members so everybody has real time access to updates, edits and comments. If you want to limit access then make the document ‘for viewing only’ and share it with as many or as few people as you choose.  Use can chat and brainstorm between one another in the Chat feature and update your presentation in real time on Google Slides. You no longer need to rely on cumbersome email chains and you can use the one sign in for all of the Google Suite features.

File and data storage

Another of the G suite benefits for small business is its ability to save massive amounts of data in the cloud. You can access your data and emails from anywhere and because they are hosted in the cloud they’re backed up and protected from permanent loss. All you need to be able to do is access the internet.

Storage is an issue for businesses of all sizes. Google Suites’ basic plan is for up to 10 people; for more than 10 it’s an $5 per additional user per month. For that you get 30gb of storage and group alias addresses. Step up to the professional plan for $10 per month per user and you receive unlimited storage, eDiscovery and archiving capabilities and you’re able to retain emails and chats.

Customised features: Domain names and user interface

Customised branding is another of the G-Suite features. Business emails with your company name gives your branding an additional level of professionalism. For starters, they build trust with your clients and they’re much easier to identify and remember. You can also customise your user interface by replacing the Google logo with your company branding.

G-Suite expertise on the Northern Beaches

Online Consulting are the G Suite specialists on the Northern Beaches. We have undergone the training necessary to fully understand the entire complement of G Suite products. You can go ahead and use the entire G Suite package in the knowledge that you have the backing and support of a registered G Suite experts. G Suite setup can happen once we set up your G Suite account.