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10 Effective Brand Awareness Strategies

30 Aug 2020 onlineconsulting

How can a customer do business with you if they can’t find you or don’t know who you are? Brand awareness builds up through your company’s whole lifespan and its how people recognise your company, how it works, what it stands for and how it treats its customers. For some, the importance of brand awareness is underestimated, and you’re not going to be recognised as instantly as coca cola, but with the right strategies you can make active choices to grow your business. Here are 10 effective strategies you could employ to increase your brand awareness.

Stay consistent

It may be obvious, but you’ll invest a lot of time and money building up your name. Across all the platforms you use, make sure that your name and details stay consistent. For example, we are known as Online Consulting across all platforms, whether it be from Google or Yellow Pages. Any variations may mislead people into thinking we are a different company, such as O. Consulting Pty Ltd etc. Keep your name consistent.

Referral programs

People will happily share a great product or service around when they are offered an added bonus. Many companies such as BeemIt offer little incentives to encourage existing users to join, where both get rewards. BeemIt offers a free $5-$10 for the inviter and invitee and is one effective way of producing an essentially free advertisement.

Free can lead to paid

There are many services out there that are normally paid. A popular strategy is to offer a limited version of the service that showcases what you can provide, then can be offered the full version after payment. Services such as photo editing apps enforce their watermark on any creations, but can be removed with paid access. If the free works are spread, it acts as more advertising for your business, and those who find it may pay for it themselves!

Have a unique personality

This one can be a bit hard to pull off right, but many companies such as Old Spice give their brand a fun and unique identity through their advertisements. Old Spice have many hilarious and memorable ads which have skyrocketed their memorability and appeal to the public. You could express your company’s personality through videos, ads and through business blogs.

Remarketing Campaigns

No doubt you’ve encountered this before, when you search for a product or service online then leave and related ads appear on every single site afterwards. This is remarketing, which helps leave an impression on your potential audience and increases your site conversions.

Build your brand on values

Much research has shown that people may base their purchases on emotions and justify with logic. If you are a smaller business, showing a level of integrity and honestly while providing a quality service can give you loyal customers for years to come.

Social media is your friend

Social media is a great, FREE way to promote your brand and talk with your customers. It can be a hub for reviews and ratings as well. In this day and age it’s expected that every company has some sort of online presence. Social media also allows for paid social advertising to promote your product or services to more people quickly. If your company doesn’t have the time or personnel to manage, we offer specialised services for social media management and advertising.

Customer Satisfaction is number one

It’s crucial to understand the impact of what even one bad customer review could do. Even if they don’t leave a review to read, their bad experience will be vented to friends and family which can spread like wildfire and you won’t even know it. You should always go above and beyond to give your customers the best experience possible, as they could also spread positivity about your company and bring in more business.


Everyone loves a mashup. A great way to raise excitement and attention is to create a partnership with another brand. This way you can provide an interesting and unique product or service while also promoting yourself and your partner. 

Advertise locally

One great way to promote yourself is through the local community. Showing your support to local events can be a great way to expose yourself to a variety of people and other local businesses. In some cases you could even partner with locals you meet. Customers who can talk to you in person casually is also a very comforting feeling to have and puts a face and confidence to a brand.

Don’t feel limited to these 10 strategies, there is so much more you can do to grow brand awareness. If you want to explore more methods of improving your brand awareness with PPC services or cost effective seo services, talk to us! We’ve worked with many clients to improve their brand awareness and have grown more business for them.