Jarrad Peters

Video Production Manager

‘Visual Visionary’

Jarrad Peters

There’s no stopping Jarrad – he’s the jack rabbit of the team – always moving forward. He thrives under pressure, and loves being thrown in at the deep end – never giving up til he’s got the right result.

He tends to do (at least) two things at once. His mind bouncing from one thing to another in rapid succession. Like the way he shoots video – while he’s lining up the shot to make sure every tiny element is in the right place, he’s also thinking about the bigger picture – the art direction, the lighting, and how the video will be viewed. In fact he likes to work backwards in his mind from the outcome to the minute detail, then back again.

It’s exhausting just thinking about how Jarrad works – but there’s absolutely no doubting his talent. He’s an extremely talented cameraman and videographer, who’s across all the cutting edge technical elements of direction, production, editing, and graphics. He’s been shooting video for years, despite being the youngest member of the team. It’s given him an intuitive sense of how to make video really interesting to watch – which is his yardstick for success. Jarrad’s philosophy is that if no one’s going to watch the video you’ve created, or study the image you’ve shot – then you’ve failed. So he keeps going til he has succeeded.

His attention to detail is legendary. He once spent two hours moving a product a few millimetres back and forth before exclaiming – ‘Hang on, there’s a bit of empty space here.’ Yet the outcome of the shoot made it all worth while – the viewer is drawn to the product, the light glistens in the background, and the slow pan lures you in to the product.

Hobbies? Jarrad loves to surf, but frankly he’s too busy getting up at the crack of dawn shooting video and photography to catch the best waves.

Jarrad’s motto?
“Love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”