Vince Besavilla

Head of Front-End Development


Vince Besavilla

Vince is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of design and web architecture. His vast background in brand strategy, visual design, and web development strengthen his thoughtful, yet competitive approach on every project and case study he tackles. His hunger for knowledge and eagerness to learn more about the latest web design and digital industry trends is reflected in how he considers himself, as a ‘tenacious learner’ who is always ready to tackle any challenge.


He genuinely cares about the outcome of every project and always serves Online Consulting clients with ‘red carpet’ assistance. When there are technical issues, Vince is one of the first to jump into action and get to the bottom of it as soon as possible for a swift resolution. Vince is also a team player and believes that team collaboration is the key to success, while maintaining work-life balance in the company.


In his spare time, he enjoys playing online games, mixing music, cooking, watching movies, and travelling. He is also a gadget-freak and an active member of a globally known “PC MasterRace”—which he is always updated on with the latest PC hardwares and technology.


Vince’s motto?


“Superamus Non Vi Sed Arte”, means “Overcome by Art, Not by Force”